March 5, 2016

Our Services

With a highly specialized team with over 40 years of experience, we are the one stop solution for companies, organizations, educational institutions and government institutions, for all their corporate needs. SEPLAA Enterprises offers services in the following technical areas: 


  1. Capacity building through trainings, workshops and conferences. ( At ICx Seplaa Incubator & Trainings Platform & Seplaa Young Leaders’ Club.)

2. Providing legal and business solutions and local as well as international support through membership to our professional networks:

3. Community outreach for the benefit of children, youth and women in partnership with the SEPLAA Foundation. 

4. Research & policy gap analysis. (At ISW Think Tank).

5. Consultancy Services:

SEPLAA Enterprises consultants are a consortium of seasoned experts and consultants who provide a range of consultancy services to the government and international development sector:


We provide expert legal and policy advice, services and research analysis services to the public, private and development sector in the following areas:

  • Drafting of Rules & Regulations.
  • Drafting of MoUs, TORs, Policy Papers etc.
  • Child Rights : Laws & Policy Development
  • Juvenile Justice: Law Reform & Policy Development
  • Women Empowerment: Laws & Policy Development
  • Youth Development: Laws & Policy Development
  • Trade Promotion: Laws & Policy Development

Our consultants have the experience of working with international organizations such as UNICEF, UNIFEM, UNDP, Umeed Jawan, and Creative Associates International.

For national NGOs, SEPLAA Consultants can combine assessment of projects with workshops, and design support systems and training trajectories on request.


We offer consultancy services in the following areas:

  • Group organisation and management training.
  • Project proposal writing – Developmental projects for funding or business plan.
  • Educational consultancies.
  • Educational management and research.
  • Report Writing
  • Management consultancy.
  • M & E
  • Gap Analysis
  • Consultancy in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Setting up business/business plan, requisite documentation.
  • Legal consultancies in business and corporate sector.